Bana Ba Ditlou
Children of the Elephants
BaBaDi Activities
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Feeding centre
- for hungry and malnourished children. In order to protect the project from abuse, the OVC staff will provide the screening and assessment of every child involved. In this way we will help those who really need it most.

Psycho-Social support
This component will be provided by the OVC project. This includes: screening and assessment of children in need connected with the family background and school performance evaluation, assistance to the sick and HIV positive children, medication monitoring and several other related services.

Recreational, game and sport activities
- integral part of the programme provided by Bana Ba Ditlou. Some organised activities might take place outside of facilities of the project, but always under supervision.

Cultural and creative activities
- these activities may include traditional music: dance, songs and instruments, drumming; performing arts, choir, marimba band, flute & guitar group, theatre group, other arts like carving, drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery, basketry and other skills.

Educational activities
We plan to initiate some hobby clubs to teach children about many things and perhaps some of them will become fascinated and later could follow this passion as a life career.
We would like to have a birding club, mammals club, fishing club and likewise; safari and conservation club; bush skills-survival, bush food & medicine, tracking and safari skills; cooking and backing for girls. We might also have a history and archaeology inputs.

Moral & Spiritual support
We would like to provide our children with the system of values that would protect them in life (HIV-AIDS, crime, prostitution, trafficking and pornography), that would guide them and make them responsible, self-controlled, disciplined, industrious and happy.

Conservation component (suggested by our sponsor Lars) will be an integral part of many activities: some recreational, some cultural and often educational. This component is very vital for the future sustainable conservation efforts. Our children are the future guardians and stewards of creation.
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Singing and dancing is one of those activities children love.