St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Mission
Kasane - Botswana
Bana Ba Ditlou
Children of the Elephants
Bana Ba Ditlou (BaBaDi) - in Setswana (national language of Botswana) means "Children of the Elephants".

It is the name of a social project for children of Kasane. All are welcome, but in a very special way are those children who have no fathers, who have single, often irresponsible young mothers, whose parents have no jobs, who drink in desperation, whose parents die of AIDS, whose parents don't care, or don't know how to care, who abandon their children, who don't give them enough food and clothing, who push their children to become "street-kids" - dodging school or failing in school; children infected with the HIV, children going hungry, frustrated, angry, trying drugs, even being involved in criminal activities and prostitution, being sexually abused ... but constantly seeking love and attention, looking for quality time and dreams of better future.

Unfortunately, there are so many of them in Kasane, who in some ways are vulnerable.

Because Kasane is famous worldwide for its largest herds of elephants on the planet, we decided to call our project Bana Ba Ditlou.
Please, read the other pages of our website and perhaps help us to make difference in the life of so many vulnerable precious children.
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All Rights reserved. Copyrights by Bana Ba Ditlou & St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Mission in Kasane.